When DAO Consensus Meets Chain Games - The Next Consensus Innovation of EGGDAO

With the development of blockchain technology in recent years and the upgrading of the Internet gradually becoming a reality (Web 3.0), a form of organizational collaboration that is more suitable for modern and even future - DAO, appears in front of us.

DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization), that is, a decentralized autonomous organization, is a digital world organization form based on blockchain technology. Its organizational rules are executed by distributed programs, which can make the interests of the participants consistent and realize the common realization. organizational goals.

From the perspective of implementation, the core framework of DAO is based on “Community”. The opinions of organizational members will be voted on by blockchain tools, and through Token incentives, organizational members can more actively contribute value to the community and obtain Tokens awards.

On the other hand, Chain Games, which has a decentralized financial system and integrates entertainment attributes, is also a typical embodiment of consensus creating value. ChainGame uses NFT, cryptocurrency, and stronger entertainment attributes to create a new business form for the digital world. To a certain extent, the community-based collaboration among ChainGame players is more similar to the DAO system.

How do chain games in the DAO era achieve financial evolution?

Integrate the similarities of the two to create a new format of GameFi 2.0 in the DAO era. The entertainment model governed by DAO will basically become the standard configuration of the chain game ecosystem. Players can also use the decision-making ability and execution ability of DAO, so that the game development team can more smoothly perceive the collective will of members, make decisions gently and smoothly, and encourage members to cooperate and execute with the minimum trust cost, so as to realize the chain game. The healthy development of ecology.

On the other hand, the use of DAO autonomous chain games can achieve decentralized governance to the greatest extent, avoid the chain game ecology being dominated by various “giant whales” with huge assets, and minimize the easy modification of chain game development teams. Risk of game rules.

Jointly create an enhanced composite ecology

EGG DAO is a guild financial DAO created and launched based on a decentralized DAO creation, launch, governance, and application service platform “Meblox”. It is jointly initiated by the community, and its creation, launch, and governance are all executed on the chain. It meets the conditions of consensus at the protocol level and realizes decentralized governance of joint initiation and a fair start. In addition, when EGG DAO members become brokers in the ecosystem, they can obtain certain Token income by paying assets and participating in decision-making.

In the multi-party exploration and negotiation, EGG DAO discovered a new star in the field of chain games - EagleGame.

EagleGame is a metaverse chain game with simulation development and real estate management as its main gameplay. Players can own their own chick NFT or eagle NFT, and evolve them into higher-level and rarer chick NFTs or Eagle NFT. Players can also purchase in-game Metaverse Land or Akita Dogs to protect Chicks from eagles. The metaverse land owned by the player can be freely housed or designed as a unique game area.

Under these conditions, EGG DAO has carried out in-depth cooperation with the metaverse chain game EagleGame with the natural advantages brought by consensus cooperation. With the help of the power of the global consensus community, EagleGame will create a real economic flow, and at the same time, continue to introduce dynamic users to continuously inject fresh blood into the EagleGame ecosystem. Through the EGG DAO community’s equity token EGG and the chain game reward model, it will bring more sustainable income and a new ecology of entertainment finance to all participating players.

Any member of the community established by EGG DAO in Australia, Europe, America, Asia, and other regions has the right to participate in the environmental decision-making of EGG and EagleGame, and the process and results are transparent and open, and executed on the chain. Each member of the organization has the same rights and duties, no additional powers or privileges. This also makes EagleGame a truly democratized game ecosystem.

When players in EagleGame experience a series of gameplays such as NFT animal trading, cultivation, and real estate purchase in the game ecosystem, they can use EGG tokens synchronously in the process of playing, thereby stimulating the asset liquidity of the EGG DAO organization to stick with EagleGame players In order to accelerate the healthy development of the ecology of both parties.

After a long-term analysis of the characteristics of player groups and DAO members, the high degree of overlap between EGG DAO and the field of chain games will be a new development direction for chain games in the DAO era. The new combined ecology of EGG DAO and EagleGame assets is a break from tradition in the field of chain games, and EGG tokens have become a bridge between the two sides, bringing forth a new revolution.

In this ecosystem, each member can give full play to their own advantages to help the organization grow on a given track, and while achieving continuous income from entertainment finance in the chain game ecosystem, it also promotes the healthy development cycle of this ecosystem.

In the future, we will be able to see more changes beyond the times brought to us by EGG DAO, maybe all this has come…

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