The Founder of MissWeb3 Taken Away by Police, $ROMA Had Been Selling Like Hot Cakes in Korea.

At around 13:30 local time on March 31, South Korean police took away two corporate executives, one of them Charles Lee, from the scene of ETH Week Seoul. The takeaway was allegedly to assist in investigating a hefty prize pool of up to 1,499 BTC in the Miss Web3 campaign, which has now come to a standstill regarding Miss Web3-related activities.

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Miss Web3 is a global beauty contest born from the profound combination of virtual currency and the cyber economy. The audience will scrutinise three hundred finalists, and with the Miss Web3 Roman Chain Coin ROMA, the audience is free to support their contestants. The final winner will receive a massive prize of 1,499 BTC. The Miss Web3 will be held in four places worldwide, with the first stop in Seoul, South Korea, followed by stops in Paris, London and Singapore, where 5.2 billion people are online alone.

As the official tokens of Miss Web3, $RCC&$ROMA will undoubtedly realise its potential in the combination of physical offline activities, where viewers can obtain $ROMA through redemption and purchase and experience the sense of accomplishment of bringing their favourite contestants to the championship podium. Through close communication with the players, the audience will understand companionship and acquisition, which will be fed back into the competition, further stimulating the activity of $RCC & $ROMA. The recent hot sales in Korea have proved the feasibility of this model.

Co-founder Charles Lee was taken away from the event site this time, leaving the industry with confusing clouds of suspicion. The large prize pool of 1,499BTC has become the centre of attention in the industry; when did the flow of such a large amount of tokens occur? When did the flow of such a large amount of tokens arise, and where did it come from? Each of these questions needs to be resolved, and the outcome of this event will undoubtedly be the key to determining Miss Web3’s development prospects. In the Miss Web3 campaign, the prize money is a vital part of promoting the actual landing of the blockchain. Presumably, it will undoubtedly pour cold water on the market. The combination of the project and the offline physical activities, as well as the market investment, will become more and more cautious.

The opening of Miss Web3 Korea is just around the corner; countless pairs of eyes in the industry are paying attention to the development of the incident, many conspiracy theories are clamouring, whether it’s a financial problem or a power struggle, whether the incident will become the impetus for Miss Web3 to ride high, or whether it will be the death knell of Miss Web3, the “competition” is no longer just a “beauty contest” on the stage, but also a “boxing match” off the stage, everyone has become the witness of this ring. The “competition” is no longer just a “beauty contest” on stage. Still, there is also a “boxing match” under the stage, and everyone has become a witness to this ring.

Regardless of the event’s outcome, Miss Web3’s popularity in Korea brings too much inspiration to the industry. Anchoring the Netflix economy in South Korea, where the entertainment industry is well developed but needs to sound more familiar, is an uncharted vision for the blockchain field. In Korea’s extremely complete talent show and beauty contest industry chain, Miss Web3 introduces it into the crypto world. She accurately transmits the audience layer, which injects new vitality into the South Korean entertainment industry that has gradually fallen into rigidity and makes the crypto world ignite a new wind, resulting in the effect of 1+1>2. Not only that but due to the replicability of the model, global expansion is bound to be worth watching, so it’s easy to see why $RCC & $ROMA have become such a hit with investors today.

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