Metaverse winds up again, BIKING creates metaverse ecological asset trading plate

The world-renowned technology company FaceBook transformed the Metaverse and changed its name to Meta, and the famous search engine company Baidu released the Metaverse product Xiran. From the concept of a novel a few years ago to today’s real life, the development of the Metaverse is beyond people’s imagination.

Metaverse is the latest product of blockchain technology. With the continuous breakthrough of digital economy and technology, people find that the probability of future society entering a different dimension is increasing, that is, society will be completely digitalized. Metaverse will become the ultimate carrier and application space of the new economy, and it has an infinitely imaginative future. Therefore, it can be said that whoever masters the core technology of Metaverse as soon as possible will have more business strategic advantages in the future.

BIKING-META is a trading sub-platform based on the metaverse ecology built by the BIKING digital asset trading platform. As an explorer in the metaverse economy, BIKING-META has created a brand new metaverse trading ecological space. While experiencing future financial digital transaction services, users can also feel the transformation of various rich scenes in the shocking digital world , and this experience will become indistinguishable from reality under the blessing of VR technology, and it is difficult to distinguish reality from reality.



BIKING-META is created by BIKING, a global innovative digital asset trading platform. It is positioned as a trading platform focusing on various digital asset derivatives under the Metaverse sector. The platform is led by the BIKING Coin King Foundation, and a number of international digital asset investment banks and betting investors, so the platform has a strong background and strong self-owned funds. At the same time, relying on the world-renowned brand effect of the parent platform BIKING Exchange, it has had a very high degree of market attention since the initial stage of project preparation.

The positioning of BIKING-META is to solve the trading problems of various digital asset derivatives in the Metaverse. Through BIKING-META, users can easily realize the free cash transactions of the original NFT assets, and at the same time endow various Metaverse products with stronger market flow Sexuality, attract new users to join, and enhance brand awareness.

In fact, what BIKING-META wants to do is to realize that everyone can enter the metaverse equally, experience and enjoy the dividends of future finance. Intuitively speaking, it is to lower the threshold for users to enter the metaverse world. Through BIKING-META provides Innovative products realize the joint development of multiverse transaction ecology, and ultimately provide safe, convenient and compliant transaction services for global metaverse enthusiasts and related business organizations.

In fact, the current NFT section of the BIKING exchange is the first station created by the BIKING-META technical team. In essence, the core assets in the Metaverse are all carried in the form of NFT. Therefore, the team wants to release the NFT trading system first, so that more Users intuitively experience the unique experience of trading NFT in CEX; at the same time, they can also carry out targeted data collection and processing according to the daily user’s trading frequency and track of NFT assets, and then carry out in-depth optimization of BIKING-META before going online.


Advantages of BIKING-META

As the first sub-platform under the BIKING Coin King Exchange, BIKING-META naturally inherits all the advantages of the BIKING platform, such as a safe trading environment, considerate and warm customer service, and global compliant operation management, no matter which one is common Exchanges are difficult to obtain easily, so BIKING-META has unprecedented natural advantages on the eve of its launch.

In addition, BIKING-META has also independently developed more proprietary technical advantages involving the field of metaverse.

①art digital chip

BIKING-META implants an encrypted digital chip into the creator’s physical artwork. As long as the mobile phone touches the physical artwork, the 3D artwork can be easily displayed in BIKING-META and then the rights management before release can be made through AR and The interaction of real scenes realizes the circulation of real works in the Metaverse and enhances the enthusiasm of creators.

② AR

BIKING-META realizes the use of AR to explore a wider world, adding support for real-time augmented reality, scene geometry sensing, face recognition, image recognition, aerial painting, and position anchoring functions. With this technological breakthrough, enhanced motion capture can be achieved , Provide face tracking support function. Allowing users to experience the interactive experience of combining AR and creating collections at home.


VR devices support the immersive experience of metaverse scenes, making art appreciation and trading more effective and easier. Create a future-oriented VR interactive immersive experience that meets the needs of digital art development.

④Digital Planet Resident Medal

BIKING-META regards the future of the metaverse as a digital earth, and all users created by trading on the platform are original residents. Therefore, in order to encourage more real users to settle in, BIKING-META will reward the first 9999 original residents of trading experience users Medal to pay tribute to its brave pioneering spirit.

The Digital Planet Resident Medal is presented in the form of NFT, which is non-tradable and non-transferable. It will be bound to the user’s DID after the upgrade of BIKING2.0 is complete. Medal NFT has more original rights and interests. In addition to its own scarcity, it will also have priority management rights and interests in the BIKING-META platform DAO community and a white list of various high-quality Metaverse projects.


At present, the BIKING-META team has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with dozens of metaverse-related frontier research institutes around the world. With the full support of BIKING Coin King, we will break the plight of asset transactions in the traditional metaverse market, develop a freer and more diverse metaverse asset trading ecology, and allow more people to participate in metaverse finance through BIKING Coin King great vision. 


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