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In recent years, innovation and change have been the main theme of the financial field. Financial itself is a kind of credit economy, on the way looking for innovation and change, financial institutions are consistent in the search for all-round change train of thought, with the rapid development of information technology and the widespread application, the technology of the Internet with the traditional financial integration deepening, to a certain extent has given rise to the profound change of the financial services. At the same time, financial innovation based on the Internet and other technical forces has formed a spectacular phenomenon in the current financial field: financial technology.

For some time, fintech, which takes technology and big data as its core, has greatly changed the development pattern of the financial industry. Fintech uses technological innovation to create new business models, business processes and products to achieve more efficient financial services. Technological innovations in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other fields not only promote the development of traditional financial industry, but also promote the emergence of new financial formats, and bring new opportunities and challenges to the financial finance and technology industry.


Coin bull is coming

Blockchain technology has changed the way information is delivered reliably, and based on it has given birth to digital currency, a virtual asset formed by consensus through recognized technology. Digital currency uses encryption technology, distributed database, game theory, community governance mechanism, etc., making the entire ecological development gradually develop into a self-operating body. It is just because of the clever combination of technology and theory that a digital currency market bearing trillion-dollar market value has been achieved.

As a cryptocurrency closely related to blockchain technology, it has gradually become a hot spot of investment transactions. It has evolved from a small range of investment by geeks to a popular global investment category. In the years of rapid development of blockchain industry, various trading platforms have emerged. The foreancestors of the industry have contacted, explored, advanced and devoted themselves to building a new distributed trading platform. Since then, the circulation of digital assets is no longer limited to geography, national boundaries, skin color and race. After years of precipitation and polishing during this period, Coin Bull, a decentralized diversified digital asset trading platform (full name: Coin Bull), is rising like a shining star.

CoinBulll is a world-class blockchain digital asset trading platform that supports transactions of various blockchain digital currencies. In order to provide users with a simpler, safer, fairer, more open and more efficient trading environment, the company aggregates the world's best resources and the world's top blockchain technology. To provide users with the world's leading blockchain digital currency trading services, simple and easy to use.

At the end of 2020, a group of tech punks from the dark web got together and launched "Z-11" Lab. Based on Byzantine mechanism and SHA256 algorithm, Coinbulll, a Dex exchange, was developed and uploaded to the dark web using AMM-134 automatic market maker algorithm.

Due to the excellent mechanism and technology of Coinbulll, it quickly attracted great attention. Echoio Investment Company of Switzerland fully owned Coinbulll to accelerate its global market layout. Coinbulll owns a professional and experienced block chain technology and operation of the team, at the same time, coinbulll as world-class decentralized digital asset trading platform, is located in block chain policy most friendly countries around the world, Switzerland, hope that through the compliance of exchange in Switzerland, and take advantage of the Swiss financial center to link digital currency and the traditional financial markets.

Coinbulll will support the trading value of its platform tokens through the contract sector dividends, transaction mining, platform Gas fee, mobile pledge mining, Uniswap and other commercial sectors, to support the platform tokens continuously and to reach the peak value!

CoinBulll is a third-generation decentralized trading platform based on distributed automatic market maker mechanism. It adopts the mathematical model of liquid deflation, and through the game of "cattle to the world" and a large number of applications, it will enable the platform tokens to achieve true value circulation.


Coinbulll Total Global redefines the mining field for the next golden decade

Coinbulll is to develop in the currency and etheric lane outside the third block chain underlying ecosystem, devoted to expanding the business application of block chain technology boundary and technical boundary, let the public user user can real feel block value chain technology, not to block chain for stagnation in academic theoretical more directly into the practice of the development and application of application of coinbulll development will be commercial application of collision sparks and chain block technology, is also a challenge to block chain existing technology, jump out of the existing technology of thinking, to block chain 4.0 create a pioneer of ecological application system.

Therefore, Coinbulll, after fully learning from the consensus mechanism such as PoW/PoS/PoC /DPOS, creatively proposed a new concept — "Application Consensus". The concept was born out of a practical use scenario for IPFS: how to give valuable incentives to miners while giving users free access to the web?

With the development of blockchain today, more than one logic of token flow has been proposed. The mainstream situation is that decentralized projects based on a particular business support the flow of tokens with their endogenous business scenarios, and anchor the profits and value of some of the businesses. But years of Internet history have shown that this business model is hardly sustainable.

A new technology revolution is supposed to start with human needs, so from a realistic perspective, it is conceivable that if systems using IPFS require high frequencies and high fees, the audience will be significantly reduced. We expect decentralization reform not only because of "anti-monopoly", "freedom" and "security" considerations, but also from the perspective of business to fit the use habits of the public.

Inspired by the value of BTC, Coinbulll came up with the concept of "applied consensus". The core value of BTC lies in its "consensus value", which is the core reason why it is different from other POW blockchain crypto systems in terms of market value.

The core of Coinbulll's "application consensus" endorses the value of cryptographic tokens released by an application based on its impact. Projects with the following four characteristics have the potential to build an "Applied Consensus" :

1. Disruptive innovation;

2. Wide coverage of potential influence;

3. The potential impact on an individual is profound;

4. The release of cryptographic tokens plays an indelible role in its system maintenance.


Coinbulll navigates the future of the digital economy

Based on blockchain technology, Coinbulll tries to use blockchain technology to enable the technology and concept of financial scenarios, to create a more efficient, transparent, secure, credible and decentralized global decentralized big data platform, and to realize the following five application scenarios:

1. Ecological openness and co-construction: open ecological node, and the world's top community partners to jointly establish FLT ecology, together with win-win;

2. Worry-free fund security: The wallet is multi-layer encrypted, stored offline in the bank safe, and the fund is under third-party custody, making the fund secure and worry-free.

3. Quick online service: multi-channel docking service, professional technology and customer service team 7*24 hours online standby;

4. Strong selection of terminals: multi-platform terminal trading, covering IOS, Android, Windows, Mac multiple platform terminals, support full business functions, all transactions are convenient and rapid;

5. Community Innovation Alliance: The founding team is all senior practitioners of blockchain, adopting a new community partnership system, gaining recognition and support from dozens of top communities at home and abroad, and uniting more community cooperation, which will be an unprecedented community alliance.

Coinbulll pioneered many blocks of innovation chain technology innovation, break through the traditional thinking on the level of consensus, from the level of core algorithm has carried on the deep research and digging, and create the independent intellectual property rights technology, coinbulll development team is convinced that only good performance will block chain technology to realize from theory to application of phase transformation, phase coinbulll creation team during the development phase constantly in pursuit of performance for the purpose, to create a high performance and can achieve a variety of commercial development platform for the underlying male chain coinbulll, reshape the blocks in the ecological chain, It truly inaugurates a new era of development and application of blockchain 4.0.

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