CITEX 丨Bitcoin Narratives Come and Go

Despite the recent attention on BRC-20 tokens, the cryptocurrency market is always unpredictable. Now, more and more competitors are emerging, challenging the status of BRC-20. Among them, the main contender is the ORC-20 token. On May 13, Binance Academy tweeted about ORC-20, which may mean that Binance will support ORC-20 Tokens in the future. This matter has aroused widespread concern in the market, and many people predict that ORC-20 may become the next big hit.

Like BRC-20, ORC-20 is an open standard launched by OrcDAO, which aims to enhance the functionality of Ordinals tokens on the Bitcoin network to improve the current BRC-20. ORC-20 is backward compatible with BRC-20 and improves adaptability, scalability and security, eliminating the possibility of double consumption.

A range of functions offered by ORC-20 tokens include:

Deployment: Users can deploy new ORC-20 tokens or migrate existing BRC-20 tokens through “deployment events”.

Minting: ORC-20 tokens can be minted through a minting event.

Send: ORC-20 tokens can be sent via send events.

Cancellation: ORC-20 partial transactions can be canceled through “cancellation events”.

Upgrades: Existing ORC-20 tokens can be upgraded through upgrade events such as supply and max minting.

The specific changes of ORC are mainly: the initial supply and the maximum coinage can be changed; the namespace has no fixed limit, and names of any size can be used; the UTXO model is used to ensure that there is no repeated consumption during the transaction; the transaction is allowed to be canceled; BRC-20 tokens are transferred to ORC-20; only the deployer of BRC-20 can operate the transfer command.

However, it’s worth noting: like BRC-20 tokens, ORC-20 tokens are an experimental project and there is no guarantee that tokens created using the standard will have any value or utility. ORC-20 tokens still rely on JSON files and do not address the centralization issues of BRC-20 tokens. In addition, the complexity of the ORC-20 token issuance process imposes a higher threshold on users, which may be difficult to be accepted by the public.

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