BOB Sports, building a new LEGO for the block sports economy

Introduction: The BOB ecosystem will build a strong sports competition ecosystem, integrating NFT+DEFI+DAO+Metaverse+Free Agreement+Equity model, empowering global sports fans and users, and truly realizing the circulation and users of the global sports competition ecosystem return of behavior.

BOB ecological prosperity and diversity

At present, on-chain sports are significantly changing the experience of sports fans, and are becoming an indispensable emerging source of income for sports leagues and teams. There are countless sports organizations, enterprises, and stars that have recently entered the crypto industry. Connect with resources to break new ground in the hot digital field. BOB Sport·As a new sports economic project based on blockchain, with the blessing of many institutions and fans, the dark horse has risen and become a popular digital sports economy.

Based on the BSC smart chain, BOB ecology will build a consensus, co-creation, and win-win sports competition decentralized and autonomous behavioral value network. With BOB as an incentive, corresponding equity incentive dividends will realize the rapid deployment of distributed nodes in global sports competitions. Jointly promote BOB DAO’s entire network to build a global sports community consensus. The BOB ecology consists of sports activities in which all parties coordinate, care, symbiotic and integrate, and develop together to build relationships or connections, and advocate a healthy, civilized and harmonious DAO organization model, so as to maintain the harmony and development of the sports world on the chain.

The BOB network is based on the BOB DAO community, a distributed node network corresponding to the characteristics of the equity “sports value network”, and shares the huge sports business value created in the future with all participants. The composition of the entire BOBDAO network comes from a more fair and trustworthy idea, for which we will implement it and defend it.

BOB ecology empowers the world

The BOB ecology allows user data and behavior to give sports competitions and sports events a new highly autonomous sports competition protocol ecology based on the “new value return to user distribution mechanism”. Consensus, co-creation, and win-win decentralized autonomous behavioral sports competition network ecology.


The BOB ecosystem serves many applications such as digital assets, chain games, and metaverse. The infrastructure of the metaverse promotes the sports revolution on the chain through an open digital economic ecology, forming an open digital economy, and through its own protocols, cards The brand agreement and node agreement feedback users in all directions, so that the sports ecological players can continue to benefit. Each agreement of the BOB sports competition chain reform agreement is open and can be accessed and used by anyone. The BOB sports competition chain reform protocol can link any centralized sports event scene through the Defi application, and establish financial services that are different from traditional financial and political systems.

What BOB builds is a decentralized, secure, non-custodial digital encrypted asset mortgage lending protocol, dedicated to building a new generation of decentralized lending market. In the BOB ecosystem, chain reform, lending, liquidity mining, and derivatives are highly combinable, giving birth to infinite possibilities and ways to play. Users can enjoy maximizing output income and generate income according to real-time computing power. High and low, switch funds to higher-yielding high-quality sectors for STAKING or liquidity mining, providing investors with higher returns.

Conclusion: Whether it is NFT blockchain or offline real economy, new business models are prompting enterprises or brands to transform to Web3.0 and move closer to Web3.0, and sports are no exception. The commercial value of BOB ecology may become a traditional market. And the “next stop diva” driven by the crypto market.

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